Under the inaugural exhibition of the Casa da Arquitectura, Power / Architecture, the parallel programming Please Share! wants to open its doors to everyone. It wants to be a service for the public, sharing its spaces and occupying other urban spaces.
It is necessary to reconsider the professional role of the architect and to think of Architecture as a tool to face social problems related to contemporary project culture. To look for other ways of creating architecturally we have to be available and willing to broaden our knowledge on the role of Architecture and the architect’s potential. This widening of knowledge leads to an inevitable openness, a complete readiness to learn, to transmit, to share in a single laboratory, the place of sharing.
Photographers, filmmakers, architectural magazines, online platforms, journalists, critics, curators, museums, archives, architects and students will be invited to participate in debates, conferences, visits to building sites, laboratories in different places, In Portugal and abroad.
The program Please Share! Is carried out in 6 acts, which take place simultaneously or by repeating themselves with new participants, over a period of four months.
The 1st act, (Please Share) INDOOR Poder Arquitectura, will present 8 conferences in Casa da Arquitectura, with the participation of national and international architects, also participants in the 8 chapters (Collective Power, Regulatory Power, Economic Power, Technological Power, Ritual Power, Cultural Power, Domestic Power and Media Power) of the inaugural exhibition.
27Roberto Cremascoli (Milão, 1968) Licenciado em Arquitetura pelo Politécnico de Milão em 1994, trabalha com Álvaro Siza e João Luís Carrilho da Graça entre 1995 e 2000. Cofundador do gabinete Cremascoli Okumura Rodrigues Arquitectos em 2001, com obras realizadas em Portugal, Itália, Suíça e França. Desde 2007 é o diretor artístico do Remade in Portugal, projeto da Fundação EDP com 8 edições já realizadas.
Roberto Cremascoli (Milan, 1968) After graduating with a BA in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1994, he worked with Álvaro Siza and João Luís Carrilho da Graça between 1995 and 2000. Co-founder of the Cremascoli Okumura Rodrigues Arquitectos office in 2001, with works in Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and France. The office works in partnership with Álvaro Siza in several projects, with a residential complex currently under construction in Milan. He has been the artistic director of Remade in Portugal since 2007, an EDP Foundation project already on its 8th edition.


Also in Casa da Arquitectura there will be 8 debates with photographs and video projections dedicated to the relationship between the visual arts and architecture, with the presence of national photographers and directors, this being the 2nd act, (Please Share) INDOOR Landscape Urbanscape.
In the exterior public areas of Casa da Música, the Faculty of Architecture of Porto, the Metropolitan Station of Porto-Trindade and the National Coach Museum, we will have the 3rd act, (Please Share) OUTDOOR, with 4 debates in the areas of photography, curatorship, online platforms, magazines and press, which will be accompanied by a performance by the artist Gianluca Vassallo, “Retratos de Borla” (Free Portraits) (the audience that circulates in the aforementioned spaces participates in the performance by being portrayed by the photographer/artist). The photographs will be the subject-matter of a great exhibition at the Portuguese Centre of Photography.
There will be a conference and visits to the works of the Municipio Metro Station in Naples, Casa nel Parco, Jesolo, Italy, the Museum in Tours, France, and the Theatre of Poitiers, France, with the presence of the authors who take part in the 4th act, (Please Share) OUT THERE.
The 5th act, (Please Share) O LUGAR DE PARTILHA, is made up of a self-built laboratory with the aim of building an infrastructure at the service of the community. It will be coordinated by the architects and professors Dagur Eggertsson (RINTALA EGGERTSSON ARCHITECTS), Paolo Mestriner and Massimiliano Spadoni (STUDIOAZERO), Roberto Cremascoli and Nicolò Galeazzi (COR ARQUITECTOS), with the construction being undertaken by students of architecture and design schools.
The program concludes in the 6th act — (Please Share) MEN AT WORK — in Matosinhos, where a laboratory will be created to carry out maintenance and reorganization works of community spaces in a residential area,
with teams formed by architects and graduate architects. The experience will act as training for the completion of their internship. This laboratory is coordinated by architects Pedro Campos Costa, José Adrião, Nuno Brandão Costa, Nuno Abrantes, Roberto Cremascoli and Edison Okumura (COR ARQUITECTOS).