On 18 and 19 November

During the opening celebrations of Casa da Arquitectura new facilties, it will take place, on the 18 and 19 november, the 3 Act of Please Share! Program, intitled Influence and curated by architect Roberto Cremascoli. The two conferences themes are Curatorship and Editing.

The curator, Roberto Cremascoli, wrote that “Contamination between different fields of knowledge is at the origin of new cultural boundaries.

There is a growing need for dialogue among the various fields that contribute to the making of our society. It is necessary to stoke the debate concerning the problems of the new cities, the new places of sharing, where architecture plays a fundamental role.

It is necessary to reconsider the professional role of the architect and to regard architecture as a tool with which to face the social problems inherent to contemporary project culture. To find other ways of designing good spatial organisation we must be open and willing to broaden our knowledge about the role of architecture and the potential of the architect.

Broadening the horizons of knowledge brings about a total and inevitable openness, a complete willingness to learn, to convey, to share in a single debate laboratory.

The third act INFLUENCE of the program Please Share!, curated by Roberto Cremascoli, brings together the specific fields of CURATORSHIP, EDITING, PHOTOGRAPHY, CITY/LANDSCAPE CULTURE, CINEMA, COMMUNICATION, ECONOMY, ONLINE PLATFORMS in a series of presentations spread throughout Casa da Arquitectura’s inaugural program.

National and international experts are called upon to intervene on the influence of their specific fields in the context of Architecture.

CURATORSHIP and EDITING, two areas that intersect within the architectural panorama, are the first ones to arrive at the PLEASE SHARE INFLUENCE programming lab!

In recent years, curators and editors have been the great thinkers on the architect’s role in society. Biennials, triennials and international exhibitions are increasingly the places where new challenges, created by the multiplication of the problems that the planned city raises, are addressed and reflected upon. It is not possible to face these problems without involving other fields of knowledge and, generally, the citizens themselves.

Curators and editors throughout the world are to be thanked for the themes here proposed”.


Please Share! Conferences

Presentation by Roberto Cremascoli

Act 3 – Influence

Theme: Curatorship

18 Nov


East Room


Joseph Grima (Eindhovem Design Academy)

Pippo Ciorra (Foundation MAXXI)

Delfim Sardo (Culturgest)

Guilherme Wisnik (Casa da Arquitectura’s Brazilian Collection)

Moderation: João Belo Rodeia


Please Share! Conferences

Presentation by Roberto Cremascoli

Act 3 – Influence

Theme: Editing

19 Nov


East Room

Nicolla di Battista (Domus magazine)

Matteo Ghidoni (San Rocco magazine)

Fernando Serapião (Monolito magazine)

André Tavares (Dafne Editora)

Pedro Baí­a (Circo de Ideias)

Moderation: Nuno Grande