Casa da Arquitectura celebrates its anniversary, but the gift is for our little friends. Between 20 and 22 November, Casa offers the “Elastic Walls” Take-away Workshop which can be picked up free of charge at our Ticket Office on 20 November, Friday, between 10 am and 8 pm, and on the weekend of 21/22 November, between 10 am and 12:30 pm.


The workshop is for children over 3 years old, challenging them to imagine new spaces at home, using the kit’s materials.The offer is limited to the existing stock and a maximum of 2 kits per person.


The kit “Elastic Walls”, which Casa da Arquitectura’s Educational Service made with you in mind, has everything you need to build an elastic wall full of colours. How? Stretch the rubber band included in the kit and form spaces, corners, areas and mazes that you can cross and where you can hide. This is an experience of colours, movement and a lot of imagination!


What little houses and rooms can you build when the walls are elastic and adapt to all spaces? Show us! Send us photographs of your buildings to educativo@casadaarquitectura.pt or through the Instagram and Facebook of Casa da Arquitectura with the hashtags #paredeselasticas #casadaarquitectura. And have fun!


Don’t forget to always have an adult helping you.