The laboratory runs until August 11th.

The Campinas neighbourhood, in Ramalde, Porto, will receive, from 28th july to 11th august, an infrastructure for the community deveploped by a group of architects and students called Lugar de Partilha. Integrated in the Please Share! program – curated by architect Roberto Cremascoli – Lugar de Partilha is organized by CASA DA ARQUITECTURA with the support of Porto Academy, Domus Social and Junta de Freguesia de Ramalde. The laboratory runs until August 11th.


The self-building laboratory Lugar de Partilha is coordinated by architects Roberto Cremascoli, Nicòlo Galeazzi and Ivo Poças Martins.


In the words of Roberto Roberto Cremascoli, “it is necessary to reconsider the professional role of the architect and to consider architecture as a tool to face the social problems connected with contemporary project culture. To look for another way of architecturally conceiving we must be available and willing to broaden our knowledge about the role of architecture and the potential of the architect. The widening of knowledge leads to an inevitable openness, a complete readiness to learn, to transmit, to share in a single laboratory, the place of sharing.”