There are two programming lines defined for the two different exhibition spaces, with distinct objectives that allow the CASA to increase its cultural offer:


A) The Grande Sala (Great Hall) will host the central and structuring expositions of the program. These will be in-house exhibitions, co-productions, and exhibitions by Casa’s partner entities.
In the first year, the program will focus on collective representations and, in the second year, there will be individual exhibitions alternating with the collective ones. In the third year of activity, and after the first phase of Casa’s collection’s archival treatment, there will be thematic exhibitions regarding them.


B) The Galeria da Casa (Casa’s Gallery) will be devoted to short-term exhibitions and initiatives, open to external proposals, mostly with self-appointed curatorships.
In addition to this plan, there will also be one held outside of its doors, either at a national or international level. At the beginning of 2017, CASA DA ARQUITETURA will launch an open call for curators and entities to propose initiatives.