About the Archive

The Archive of Casa da Arquitectura (CA) is made up of collections resulting from donations
or deposits, projects and collections gathered during the cultural activity developed by CA.
In 2009, architect Eduardo Souto de Moura signed the first deposit agreement with Casa da Arquitectura,
handing over 402 study models, 32 presentation models, 48 panels of photographs and original drawings,
which were on display in the exhibition “Temi Di Progetti” in 1999, in Italy. This was followed, in 2015,
by the donation of the Museu dos Coches project by Architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha and in 2016, the donation
of two social housing projects, developed in Matosinhos, by the heirs of architect João Álvaro Rocha.
Since 2017, with the transfer to the new facilities, CA benefited from conditions and equipment that allowed
it to fulfil its mission of receiving architectural collections and collections of relevant interest for the study
of architecture and urbanism. Thus, on the 22nd of February of 2018, CA welcomed the donation of the collection
of architect Pedro Ramalho, testimony of an activity as a liberal architect of about 50 years and the “Collection
of Brazilian Architecture – from Modernity to Contemporaneity”, with more than 70 projects of architecture, by authors
such as Gregori Warchavchik, Álvaro Vital Brazil and Adhemar Marinho, David Libeskind, Acácio Gil Borsoi, Vilanova Artigas,
Carlos Millan, Fábio Penteado, Jorge Wilheim, Eduardo Longo, Éolo Maia and Jô Vasconcellos, Assis Reis, Marcos Acayaba
and Hélio Olga, Oswaldo Brake, Gustavo Penna, Joan Villa, Pedro Paulo Saraiva, among others. In 2019, architect
Eduardo Souto de Moura deposited the remaining documentation of the collection, followed by donations from the collections
of architects Francisco Melo and Jorge Gigante and architect Gonçalo Byrne. The deposit contract of the collection
of architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça was also signed. In September 2020, the Archive welcomed the donation
of the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha's collection, and at the end of 2021, Lucio Costa's family handed over to CA
the estate of the Brazilian architect and urban planner, an unavoidable figure in world architecture author of, among others,
the Brasília Plano Piloto, the city's founding project, as well as donations from the collections of architect Teresa Fonseca,
and the architecture photographer Luís Ferreira Alves. In addition to the collections, the Archive has a constantly
growing bibliographic collection.

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    Paulo Mendes da Rocha collection at Casa da Arquitectura

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    Lucio Costa's Collection at Casa

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