Casa da Arquitetura has spaces with modern audiovisual equipment that guarantee excellent conditions for holding a wide variety of small or large format events, of social, cultural, institutional, commercial or other nature.
If you are looking for centrality, accessibility, sophistication and differentiating quality, Casa da Arquitetura is the place to choose.

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  • Casa da Arquitectura - Entrance © Roberto Baratto Fontenelle


Our outdoor space includes two squares - the Entrance and the Orchestra - as well as wide corridors, totaling 3450m2. Ideal for outdoor events, cocktails, concerts, festivals, and fashion markets.

Depósito de Vinhos

The Depósito de Vinhos (Wine Storage), also known as the Central Pavilion, has 250m2. It is a large and very versatile space, ideal for exhibitions and presentations. As the Tanoaria space, it can be used as a support area for larger events and to host parallel sessions.


This is the largest enclosed space. It has 535m2 of an area with great functionality and versatility that includes an integrated support room of 85m2. It is a perfect space for institutional dinners, conferences or entertainment.

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