The Project, the Team, the Kaleidoscope

The theme of Biophilia was chosen by the Casa da Arquitectura Education Service for the 2022-2024 biennium programme.
Comprising four workshops, three presencial and one online, it addresses issues related to the environmental crisis, the challenges it raises and the importance of nature as the primordial force of all human ideas and inventions.
Can architecture help? If Nature has all the answers, it is up to us to choose the questions.

The workshops  "Can we save the Planet?", "The Logic of Trees", "Bioinspiration Laboratory" and "In every leaf a world"  are aimed at all school levels, from pre-school to primary and secondary school.

Get to know the programme here.

The Project, the Team, the Kaleidoscope

What would become of us without art, culture, leisure, curiosity, discovery, desire?


Assuming that all of us are agents of transformation in the world, the question is: how do we do it? What do we transform? What remarkable changes have others made? What responsibility do we all have, as permanent agents of change?

As Paulo Freire wrote, “Education does not transform the world. Education changes people. People transform the world”.


Thinking about education nowadays is, above all, thinking about ways to facilitate the experience of discovery, confrontation, sensation, watering the desire to know more, in the hope that the seed of curiosity installs in each of us.

Listening, seeing, touching, feeling, experiencing, asking, are elements that open doors to a world bigger than ours and this, we believe, is a direct channel for growth and pleasure. With each exhibition, each workshop or conversation held, the Casa da Arquitectura’s Educational Service (CA ES) confirms its importance in the task of expanding the world of those who come to us, siding major fundamental education channels, such as the family and schools, with complementary proposals that enable development.


“Architecture is art, and that has been in my spirit forever.” -  Álvaro Siza Vieira


Immersing in art can be a radically transforming and liberating experience, inspiring dreams, broadening ideas, encouraging trips to the world of others and helping us to discover our own. Because we want to create places for the uniqueness of each person, listening and sharing ideas and knowledge, we create a network of differentiated and specific activities for each age group, elastic enough to accommodate all singularities. The ES's programme proposals expand and diversify in themes, forms, spaces and audiences. If, on the one hand, we try to value culture, heritage and the arts in general, on the other, we focus on architecture, on the transversal impact it has on our history, on our lives and on the planet.

If many architects dared to dream the impossible, designing utopias towards various freedoms, we also lay the pillars of our educational programme on the greater utopia of reaching everyone, everywhere in the world, those who are close and those who are far away, those who inhabit the discipline of architecture and those who just want to know more.


The windows of our Casa open in all directions, allowing complex and exciting landscapes of the past, present and future. Some doors directly access schools and homes on the other side of the world, others manage to show you secrets about buildings, places and people, others offer spaces for experimentation and discovery in which the whole body thinks, acts, creates. From the archive where treasures are kept, to exhibitions, visits, workshops and other activities, the invitation is simple: take a look, come in, we want to meet you!


The Educational Service team is a multidisciplinary team, composed by architects and artists specialized in the works and content that Casa da Arquitectura defends and promotes. We streamline theoretical and practical activities, based on knowledge and shared approaches, favoring dialogue in a dynamic, informed and stimulating relationship with the public.

The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope is a multi-purpose place, inserted in the Quarteirão Real Vinícola, which assumes itself as a laboratory for experimentation. Designed specifically for the practice of workshops, this is a versatile and stimulating place. It is there that the Educational Service team finds territory to develop practical activities, workshops, training courses and even birthday parties.
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