Program 2023-2024

Casa da Arquitectura's educational project aims, in an integrated way, to raise awareness among audiences of all ages about the importance of architecture in any aspect of our lives. We intend to create close relationships with different communities, including schools, because we believe that architecture is an educational tool that integrates multidisciplinary content that promotes the appreciation of heritage, environmental recovery, creativity, innovation, inclusion, cultural identity and elevates the human spirit. We intend to provide spaces for exploration, discovery, critical reflection, interaction and public participation, integrating moments of meeting, dialogue and sharing of experiences and knowledge.

The team

The Educational Service's multidisciplinary team is made up of architects, artists, engineers and biologists, specialized in the works and content that Casa da Arquitectura preserves and promotes. We promote theoretical and practical activities, with approaches based on knowledge and sharing, privileging dialogue and creation in a dynamic, informed and stimulating relationship with different audiences.

The Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is a multipurpose space that serves as a studio for the different experiences we provide here. It is in this versatile and stimulating space that the Educational Service team inspires participants with practical activities, workshops, training, installations and birthday parties related to our collections, exhibitions and educational program.

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Portuguese contemporary art network

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