Casa da Arquitectura - Portuguese Centre for Architecture, created in 2007, is an non-profit cultural association, dedicated to the affirmation and divulgation of architecture in Portugal and abroad. 

Casa da Arquitectura (CA) intends to fill in the need, in Portugal, of an institution that may treat, receive and make accessible to all the documental collections of different architects, promoting reflection on architecture and taking architecture to the knowledgement and understanding of the general public.

The activity of Casa da Arquitectura has received from the Portuguese State, year after year, the recognition of Cultural Interest.

Our Mission

To fulfill its mission, Casa da Arquitectura intends to:

- Treat, archive and make known, through different means, the collections and architectural assets donated, deposited or entrusted to its care;
- Create a collection of iconographic and emblematic works of the national and international architectural culture;
- Increase and support the research and dissemination of knowledge in the field of architecture;
- Hold conferences, colloquia, conversations, workshops and other activities related to the debate, reflection and promotion of architecture;
- Administer, manage and promote the spaces and properties which are under its care;
- Encourage recreational, tourist, cultural and social activities aimed at different audiences that may contribute to the best and greatest knowledge of national and international architecture.
  • Governing Bodies 

    Board of Directors

    Executive Commission

    José Manuel Dias da Fonseca

    Executive Director 
    Nuno Sampaio

    Member of the Board
    Joaquim Mendes Pinto

    Members of the Board
    Carlos Guimarães
    Gonçalo Medeiros, AEP
    Cláudia Soutinho, APDL
    Pedro Baganha, CMP Rep.

    General Assembly

    Luísa Salgueiro

    Paula Carvalhal, CMVNG

    Gonçalo Byrne, OA

    Supervisory Board

    Maria do Rosário Carvalho

    Cândido Ribeiro
    Mónica Monteiro
  • Team 

    Executive Director and Chief Curator
    Nuno Sampaio

    Coordination and Administration Assistant
    Ana Pinto


    Ana Pinto

    Activities and Contents Department
    Carla Barros (Manager)
    Alice Marques
    Filipe Silva
    Manuel Gonçalves

    Archive and Library Department
    José Fonseca (Manager)
    Archival Processing and Library
    Alice Lopes
    Débora Fernandes
    Gilson Fernandes
    Hugo Silva

    Educational Service Department
    Inês Lourenço (Coordinator)
    Eliana Nuñez
    Assistants and Monitors 
    Rita Alves
    Ticket Office and Reception
    Sónia Alves

    Human Resources, Finance and Legal Department
    Soraia Lebre (Manager)
    Mafalda Costa
    Joana Costa
    Legal Affairs
    Alcinda Brandão
    Public Procurement
    Joana Ferreira
    Administrative Assistance
    Natacha Mota

    Property and Infrastructure Department
    Paulo Silva (Manager)
    Liliana Taveira
    Paulo Silva

    Marketing and Communication Department

    Carla Maia (Manager)
    Margarida Portugal
    Press Relations
    Joana de Belém
    Audiovisual Content
    Pedro Rocha
    Image and Design
    José Pereira
    Filipa Guimarães

    Commercial and Partnerships Department
    Sara Almeida (Manager)
    Tours and Matosinhos and CA Visits
    Miguel Royo
    Isabel Silva
    Sara Almeida
    Isabel Silva

    Fundraising, Patronage and Sponsorship
    Margarida Matos (Coordinator)

    Studies and Documentation Centre
    Nuno Sampaio


    Rita Pinto (Coordinator)
    Physical and Digital Shop and Casa Friends
    Carla Sousa
    Joana Correia
    Andreia Antunes
  • Entrance © Ivo Tavares

  • © Luís Ferreira Alves

  • © Ivo Tavares

  • © Ivo Tavares

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