Guided Visits

“Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.” - Mies van der Rohe

Nothing replaces the experience of living in a place. Scale, colour, light, space and our body in various sensations. Starting from the full study of the projects, contexts and stories of each building, the guided tours of Casa da Arquitectura take place either indoors, in the on-going exhibitions, or in itineraries that allow you to enter and truly experience each of the works.
Guided by architects, artists, art historians, these conversations aim to make architecture more understandable, covering common themes that facilitate the understanding of objects, analysing points of view, ideas, processes, intentions and results. Understanding the concerns and precautions of the authors, we understand the difficulties and the achievements of each project, the demands of each time and space, getting to know a little better the fabric in which the society we inhabit operates and the more or less sensitive looks revealed.

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  • Exhibition "Infinite Span" Casa da Arquitectura Exhibition Aisle 2018 © Ivo Tavares

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