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Inscriptions are open to Porto Academy 2017 edition, that Casa da Arquitectura is co-organizing with Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto.


The event will take place from 20 to 27th July on the university campus. It’s an intense programme focused on the interaction between students and international well-known architects. During eight days, students and architects from all over the world participate in groups to develop different projects. There will be workshops as well as conferences and field trips. There will also take place three masterclasses presented by guest personalities.


The last day of the programme is dedicated to Álvaro Siza’s works in Matosinhos. There will also be a visit to Casa da Arquitectura new facilities, also in Matosinhos, where there will be a presentation of all the final works produced by the participants on the summer school.


Here are some of the names confirmed to this fifth edition: Ryue Nishizawa, Smiljan Radic, Aristides Antonas, Floris de Bruyn,Gabrielle Hächler & Andreas Fuhrimann e Oliver Lütjens & Thomas Padmanabhan, Guillermo López, Irene Pérez e Jaume Mayol,Job Floris, Johan Celsing, Louis Leger, Márcio Kogan, Pedro Bandeira and Tom de Paor, among others.


Building for the community


The first exhibition of Casa da Arquitectura in its new venue – Power Architecture – contains a parallel programme – Please Share!. This programme is divided in five parts. The first one, intitled “Lugar de Partilha” (Place of Sharing), envolves a partnership between Porto Academy and Casa da Arquitectura.


Students from Porto Academy summer school – Pedro Bandeira Studio – will work on the subject of building an infrastructure for the community in Bairro das Campinas in Porto. The work will be coordinated by architects Pedro Bandeira, Ivo Poças Martins, Roberto Cremascoli and Nicolò Galeazzi. The result of the work developed by the students during Porto Academy will be built on site.


“Lugar de Partilha” (Place of Sharing),  will take place between the 28th of July and the 11th of August.



Students who are taking part of Porto Academy 2017 and selecting Pedro Bandeira studio will be offered the possibility of working on the “Lugar de Partilha” (Place of Sharing) site.
Casa da Arquitectura offers accommodation and lunches to the selected participants during the working period.


Porto Academy
Porto Academy


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