In recent years, I have met many institutions of investigation and / or treatment of architectural archives in Brazil. I was able to verify the endeavour to accomplish their missions and commitments to society, regardless of whether they are public or private. The result of their work would certainly be broader if the institutions had more funding and support, just as we would all like.


The treatment of archives is a continuous, time-consuming, very expensive and often misunderstood task, making it difficult to be funded anywhere in the world. This is a reality shared, also, by the Portuguese institutions.


Only 35% of the architects’ work is ever built, which makes it even more urgent to guarantee the preservation of the collections as the only record of the professionals’ years of work. Without the conservation of the collections, all this heritage could not be studied, shared and made known to the public. It would be irretrievably lost.


In this context, I would like to acknowledge and congratulate FAUUSP for the hard work carried out in favour of education and research in Brazil. Regarding the arrival of the PMR collection to Casa da Arquitectura, yesterday I had the opportunity to call its director Ana Lanna, proposing that Casa da Arquitectura and FAUUSP could collaborate through institutional partnership protocols in order to promote access to this collection, among others, and to encourage interchange between the two communities.


This invitation is, of course, extended to all Brazilian entities dedicated to architecture and who wish to develop knowledge and promote excellence in contemporary architecture.


Nuno Sampaio, Executive Director of Casa da Arquitectura

Matosinhos, September 2020