Its mission covers the following lines of action:


  • To curate, file and make known, through various instruments, the archives and collections of Architecture donated, deposited or delivered to its care;
  • To create a collection of iconographic and emblematic works of national and international architectural culture;
  • To trigger the creation of a network of national archives of Architecture;
  • To increase and support research and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Architecture;
  • To hold conferences, colloquia, conversations, workshops and other activities related to the debate, reflection and promotion of Architecture and the Arts;
  • To edit and publish, in various forms and supports, works related to national and international architecture;
  • To encourage exchanges with national or international counterparts in the scope of its activities;
  • To foster cooperation with educational institutions, museums, organisations and cultural or business associations, whose objectives are the appreciation and promotion of Architecture;
  • To administer, manage and promote the spaces and the real estate in its care;
  • To promote activities of a recreational, touristic, cultural and social character, meant for diverse audiences, that can contribute to a better and greater knowledge of national and international Architecture.

In accordance with its mission, CA intends to assert itself not only as a programmatic entity but as a creative entity above all, capable of producing quality content for itself and its partner entities — content ready to be shared in a consolidated network of partnerships both national and international. The creation of its own documentary collection will allow CA to establish itself as an entity capable of safeguarding, curate and making available to the public credible information duly framed within its technical and cultural context.