Build meeting

Aware of the unavoidable nature of this issue, Casa da Arquitectura is a strategic partner of the 2nd edition of the "Build - From High to Low Tech" meeting, which on 15 and 16 September promises to "revolutionise the perspective on materials and technology in architecture" with an intense programme of round tables, interactive workshops, exhibitions of materials and conferences.

Organised by Hinterland, Build will bring some of the most renowned and recognised names in architecture to Casa da Arquitectura, including Christian Schmitt, Amin Taha, Fernando Romero, José Toral, Ignacio Rojas, Markus Zilker, Roger Boltshauser and Michael Salka.
These keynote speakers are joined by Park Associati, César Cardoso, Branco Del Rio, Romain Deboulle, Samuel Gonçalves, Jérémy Pernet, Francisco Fonseca and Muro Atelier.
Aimed at discussing the impact of the construction industry on the environment and how it can be mitigated, the meeting puts forward three complementary approaches to this challenge: the use of natural materials with carbon storage capacity; design strategies adapted to local contexts and the use of technology to optimise the use of materials.

The Álvaro Siza Space will host the Keynote Speakers* over the two days, always starting at 2.30pm.

15 September
Fernando Romero,, Mexico
Markus Zilker, einszueins, Austria
Christian Schmitt, Professor Architecture Untold Lab, German University in Cairo, Egypt
Ignacio Rojas, Ignacio Rojas Hirigoyen Arquitecto, Chile

16 September
Amin Taha, Groupwork, United Kingdom
José Toral, Peris + Toral Arquitectes, Spain
Michael Salka, Co-Director Master in Ecological Buildings and Biocities Programme, IaaC, Spain
Roger Boltshauser, Boltshauser Architekten, Switzerland

During the meeting, three workshops will be held outside Casa da Arquitectura, respectively:

13 and 14 September
"Immersive Imperfection" by Christian Schmitt and Federico Garrido with support from A³-Ateliê Academia de Arquitectura
1 - Workshop on making compressed earth blocks, parametric design and construction of a small structure with the help of virtual reality glasses.
2 - "Hempcrete Workshop" by PARK Associati and Natura Matéria
- Construction workshop with hempcrete and building a temporary structure with hemp blocks.

14th September
3 - "GUL - Green Urban Living Workshop" by LandLab
Workshop on the construction of a green roof system that includes the materialisation of a full-scale mockup on site.
The Amorim Cork Insulation Stage in the Casa da Arquitectura Central Pavilion will host round tables on different themes.

15 September - 10.30am
"Material Research and Design"
- Armor Gutierrez - Sugarcrete
- César Cardoso - Hempcrete Blocks
- Patrícia Gomes - Matterpieces

15 September - 2.30pm
"Global perspectives on sustainability in Portugal" 
- João Figueiredo - COO Carmo Wood
- José Pedro Sousa - Member of the High-Level Roundtable for the New European Bauhaus initiative
- OASRN representative**
- Maria Manuela de Carvalho Álvares - Councillor for the Environment and Energy Transition
- Francisco Rocha Antunes - Chair of ULI Portugal

15 September - 5.00pm
Construction executed with 3D printing: efficiency based on innovation and technology by Saint Gobain

16 September - 10.30am
"Where are we now? Portuguese architects' approach to sustainable practices"
- Francisco Adão da Fonseca, Oficina Pedrêz
- João Branco, Branco del Rio Arquitectos
- Samuel Gonçalves, SUMMARY
- Jérémy Pernet, architect and photographer
- Romain Deboulle, CRUA Atelier
- Joana Tomas, Muro Atelier

The Central Pavilion is also the venue for an exhibition of materials and solutions from brands linked to the sector on 15 and 16 September, from 10.30 a.m. to 7 p.m., providing a showcase for sustainable materials and the circular economy.

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** To be confirmed
  • Build meeting
  • Build meeting

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