Facsimile of the ''Architecture Internship Report by Eduardo Souto de Moura''

This is an exclusive edition of Casa da Arquitectura with graphic design R2, which is on sale at Loja da Casa, consisting of two volumes: the facsimile, with 132 pages, which fully reproduces the manuscript document made by the architect in 1980 ; and a second volume, with 80 pages, which contains the transcript of the original text.
For the exhibition's co-curator, Nuno Graça Moura, “the publication of Eduardo Souto de Moura's Internship Report has always seemed to me an inevitability. It is a 1980 document, which aroused great curiosity and particular fascination not only in my generation, but also in some that preceded it and in those that followed it”.
For the architect Eduardo Souto de Moura "it is a pleasure to have it in hands, but it is not a pleasure to remember it..."
The edition has a cover price of 45 euros and a special price for students of 35 euros.
  • Fac-simile edition ''Eduardo Souto de Moura's Internship Report'' © Ivo Tavares

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