Faculty of Engeenering celebrated20 years in Asprela

The inaugural session of the Debate Cycle “Destiny: Asprela”, held in co-production with Casa da Arquitectura, took place on October 27 and focused on the engineering work and the so-called “Jupiter” project, which successfully completed the logistical operation of moving the premises.
As part of the commemorations of the 3rd Anniversary of Casa da Arquitectura, the second debate happened for 22 November and focused on the architectural project and the university campus model. Finally, on December 3, de debate was on the impact of FEUP on the Asprela Hub and the future of the Campus as an innovation ecosystem and talent attractor for the city of Porto and the region.
More information at www.fe.up.pt/20anosAsprela
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    Video Casa da Arquitectura/RTP: FEUP, Pedro Ramalho

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    Interview to Pedro Ramalho

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