Closing of the “Souto de Moura: Memory, Projects, Works” Exhibition’s Parallel Programme
Online conference Fritz Neumeyer
“Mies van der Rohe. Outside the Bauhaus”
27 March, 5pm via Facebook Casa da Arquitectura

With Eduardo Souto de Moura, Francesco Dal Co and Nuno Graça Moura, curators of the exhbition, and Nuno Sampaio, executive director at Casa da Arquitectura.

(In English without translation)


“”Outside the Bauhaus”  can be understood literally: not only because Mies´s architecture doesn´t have much in common with the so-called Bauhaus-architecture, but in particular, as after April 11, 1933, when the Nazis closed the Berlin Bauhaus and sealed the building, Mies and his students could not enter the building anymore.


As a kind of substitution for the no longer possible teaching, Mies took his students in the summer of 1933 on several boat trips to visit places like Schinkel´s famous Charlottenhof and Gilly´s Paretz. Obviously modern architecture for Mies was not restricted to the 20th century only, and this he wanted to communicate to his Bauhaus-students. After Mies´s negotiations with the Nazi-administration for the re-opening failed and Mies finally gave up in Juli 1933, he invited some of his students to follow him and Lily Reich to Lugano, Switzerland, for private teaching.


In this context Mies´s most extraordinary design for a House in the Mountains is sketched out.” Fritz Neumeyer



1993-2012 Professor and Chair of Architectural Theory at the Technical University of Berlin.
1992 Jean Labatut Professor, School of Architecture, Princeton University.
1989-1992 Professor of the History of Architecture, University of Dortmund.
1987-1988 Fellow at the Getty Center for History of Arts and The Humanities, Santa Monica
1978 Doctorate in Architecture.

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SCIARC, Santa Monica, California;
GSD, Harvard University, Cambridge Mass.;
University of Leuven, Belgium;
Institut d´Humanitats de Barcelona, Spain;
Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain.

Numerous publications on the theory and history of architecture, including the following books:

The Artless Word. Mies Van Der Rohe On The Building Art, Cambridge/London 1991 (Berlin 1986, Madrid 1995; Paris 1996; Milan 1996, Seoul 2009; Berlin 2016; Shanghai 2020);
Friedrich Gilly 1772-1800. Essays on Architecture, Santa Monica 1994 (Berlin 1997);
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The Lost, Last Words of Mies van der Rohe. The Lohan-Tapes from 1969, Berlin 2020. Ausgebootet: Mies van der Rohe und das  Bauhaus 1933 – Outside The Bauhaus. Mies van der Rohe and Berlin 1933, Berlin 2020