19 to 27 november 2022

Casa da Arquitectura's 5th anniversary

This year, Casa da Arquitectura celebrates five years since it moved to the premises in the Real Vinícola Quarter in Matosinhos, assuming its vocation as a Portuguese Centre for Architecture. Free entrance in all the events. 
We have prepared a programme that pairs the short but intense path already covered as an institution with a set of events that will take place not over a weekend, as we have done before, but over an entire week, from the 19th to the 27th of November.
There are more than 40 activities totally free for all audiences. And there is activities for all tastes.
We will welcome the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, who will receive the title of Honorary Member of Casa da Arquitectura from the Secretary of State for Housing, Marina Gonçalves, on the 19th November.
On the same day, the 1996 Pritzker Prize will give a conference which is also of free entrance.
A new exhibition, [From the Archive] Unbuilt Matosinhos, entirely produced by Casa da Arquitectura and dedicated to the Archive's collection, opens its doors on this Anniversary, at the Casa Gallery.
In honour of a great friend of the Casa, who entrusted us with his estate, we inaugurate the Luís Ferreira Alves Space, in a ceremony that will be attended by the Minister of Culture, Pedro Adão e Silva.
Minister Adão e Silva will also speak at the closing of the Donation Ceremony of the collections of architects Fernanda Seixas and Manuel Correia Fernandes, to take place on the 20th of November.
The following weekend, on the 27th of November, there is a Donation Ceremony of two other new collections, of José Gigante and Jorge Gigante.
Another highlight of the festivities is the Seminar “Cities Heritage Sustainability” to be held on the 23rd of November, which will be attended by the Minister of Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro
The weekend of 26 and 27 November offers a set of activities around the Flashback / Carrilho da Graça Exhibition.
On the 26th, two strong moments: at 3:00 pm, over 30 personalities in the field of architecture participate in a Flashback marathon dedicated to Carrilho da Graça. At 5:30 pm, the Exhibition Catalogue is launched with the presence of architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça.
But there is more. Book launches, Artistic Performances in the Casa and Quarter spaces, activities for families and children, guided visits to the exhibitions, promotions at the Casa Shop, Street Food and a Flash Party with DJs Nuno Grande, Pedro Falcão and Rita Mendes on the 26th.
You're all invited!

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