29 to 30 September 2023

Architecture and Sustainability

On 29 and 30 September, Casa da Arquitetura is hosting the 1st edition of the "Shift - Architecture and Sustainability" International Seminar, on the theme of "Material Architecture". Curated by architect Paulo Moreira, the meeting has the support of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action and is free of charge, subject to prior inscription.
Casa da Arquitectura and the Ministry for the Environment and Climate Action are aligned in their understanding of the role and importance of architecture in the debate on sustainability issues.

Accordingly, the "Shift - Architecture and Sustainability" International Seminar on "Material Architecture" will, according to the curator, bring together "a group of experts from different areas - professional practice, industry and academia - who bring different perspectives on the circularity of building materials. Experiences, strategies and projects will be shared on specific materials, with different scales of production and levels of ecological footprint, reflecting on good practices in their application."

According to architect Paulo Moreira, there are "on the one hand, very different challenges between small-scale, local industries and the mass production of materials on a national or global scale; on the other hand, academic training and research does not always intersect with the day-to-day running of an architectural office."

This seminar proposes, he adds, "a moment of interaction and cross-fertilisation between different types of knowledge, showing that there is room for everyone in questioning the culture of waste that permeates our society and in sharing new research, methods and ecologically conscious works."

As a whole, the Material Architecture seminar collectively reflects on how to tackle the urgent and necessary changes in the field of architecture, teaching and construction.

Participation in the seminar on 29 September is free, subject to prior registration and entitles you to a ticket to visit the exhibitions on display, valid for 29 and 30 September.
Participation on the 29th without prior registration does not entitle you to a free ticket to visit the exhibitions.
Registration and ticket collection on the day of the event starts at 9am at the Casa da Arquitectura Ticket Office.



10h00 - 10h15
Nuno Sampaio, Executive Director of Casa da Arquitetura
10.15 - 10.30
Paulo Moreira, Seminar Curator

10h30 - 12h00 PANEL 1

Moderator Rita Barata Castro
Jeremy Pernet, architect
Nuno Sarmento, architect
Paulo Gonçalves, Secil

14h30 - 16h00 PANEL 2

Moderator Cláudia Escaleira
Luís Gama Pereira and Jaime Espinosa, Iberian Bamboo Association
César Cardoso, Natura Matéria
Jorge Branco, University of Minho

16h15 - 17h45 PANEL 3

Moderated by Clara Pimenta do Vale
Rui Oliveira, Saint-Gobain
Patrícia Gomes and Luis Lima, Matterpieces
Pedro Borges de Araújo, Panoramah!

18h00 - 19h00

Clara Bergia, Bellastock

19h00 -19h30

Closing speeches

*The speakers' speeches are not translated.


3 pm - 5 pm

Workshop by Casa da Arquitectura Educational Service

Biomimetic constructions

Architecture has looked to nature for solutions to structural, aesthetic and environmental challenges. In this workshop we will introduce participants to the fascinating world of biomimetic architecture, which draws inspiration from nature to create more sustainable and efficient structures. Through practical activities and creative exercises, participants will learn about the principles of biomimicry and apply them to building a model of their own architectural creations.

Target audience: young people aged 15 to 18

Cost: 5€ / participant

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