Online Visits

Visit guided by ES educators with online transmission to the classroom. With these visits, we break physical barriers and reach the entire national (and international) territory at any institution/school, facilitating the visualization of exhibitions through video and promoting dialogue and interaction with participants around the exposed content. *


General public: 100€ per group

Schools / sociocultural associations: 50€ per group

>65: 50€ per group

Duration: 1 hour

Minimum number of participants: 5

Maximum number of participants: 25

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Expanded House

 The world is constantly changing and the demands it presents to us vary. If, on the one hand, we are all faced with the speed with which it can make us change routines, behaviours, habits, on the other hand, we have also come to understand the liberating potential that new technologies have brought. Through them, we overcome physical obstacles and reach opposite places in the world in moments, communicate globally, see, talk and share encounter experiences through screens and audio. The year 2020 reminded us of the importance of getting closer, of keeping in touch, and showed us how simple and rewarding it can be.
In a desire to overcome the physical barriers of Casa da Arquitectura towards everyone who wants to develop activities with us, the CA ES presents the Expanded House project. It organizes a set of proposals that seek to broaden CA's field of action, bringing a wide range of activities to everyone, everywhere and in different ways. This project adapts to the needs of each school/association/institution and proposes the development of visits and workshops either through online mediation, or in person in schools/institutions, or even by training educators/teachers and parents to guide the activities supported.

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