Didatic Anniversarys

At Casa da Arquitectura, birthday parties are special.

Aimed at the most curious children, these activities start from the Programme's workshops (their themes and materials) and are then customised for each birthday boy or girl, taking their tastes and characteristics into account.

Guided by a specialised multidisciplinary team, these activities aim to provide moments of leisure, discovery, play, which result in memorable constructions and discoveries, promoting teamwork and sharing the pleasure of creating.

Here, we talk about architecture, propose new ways of looking and challenge everyone to experiment, create and explore together.

The birthday boy or girl is our guest of honour in an adventure of mini-architects jumping between art, botany, architecture, drawing and so many other things we can invent!

Get to know our Programme 2022-2014 and see what activities we can prepare!
Tuesday to Sunday - 10am - 18h00pm

2h30 (30 minutes reserved for the birthday snack)

Groups of children between 5 and 13 years old. Minimum 12 and maximum 24 participants.

You can download it in casadaarquitectura.pt

Monday to Friday - 10am to 1pm and 2h30pm to 18h00pm
tel. (+351) 227 669 300

. The parties are always assisted by two monitors that are responsible for the dynamic and perforning of the activities previously selected by the responsible adults.
. Two adults that have been indicated as responsible for the birthday must follow the group during the party. 
. The two adults must arrive 30 minutes before the party to receive and welcome their guests at the Ticket Office of Casa da Arquitectura.
. The guests must wait in the Ticket Office at the time arranged by the adults responsible for the birthday kid, having free entry to the exhibition at Casa da Arquitectura's Gallery.

12€ per participant
Without snack included.
The snack is provided by the adults responsible for the group.
Only party props that do not dirty the space are allowed.

The confirmation of the booking implies the payment of 120 € (minimum number of participants) within five working days after confirming the date, time and selection of the Activity (s). The remaining amount is paid on the day of the event, at the Ticket Office of Casa da Arquitetura, or by bank transfer (IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4192 0680 0017 5), indicating the day of the party and the name of the birthday kid. The proof must be sent to aniversarios@casadaarquitectura.pt, together with the address and the TIN for billing purposes. Failure to pay within the stated period implies the cancellation of the appointment.


The first contact to ask for the date and hour of reservation must be done until 12 days before the birthday party.
Activity selection and confirmation of the number of participants must be done until 72h before the birthday party. 
Booking requests through form at the top of this page.


If the party is canceled  only half the amount previously paid will be refunded. The cancellation must be communicated up to five working days before the date of the party.

Casa da Arquitectura and its monitors do not take responsability for loss of personal objects or presents from the participants. 
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  • © Casa da Arquitectura

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