Photography Roadmap

The Photography Roadmap Unbuilt Matosinhos aims to offer architecture and photography lovers a unique opportunity to get to know a set of reference works in Matosinhos in a privileged way, while benefiting from the practical guidance of a photographer and lecturer from the Portuguese Institute of Photography (IPF).
Based on the exhibition [From the Archive] Unbuilt Matosinhos, currently on display at the Casa da Arquitectura Gallery, this photographic itinerary is the result of a partnership between the Casa da Arquitectura and the IPF.

During the afternoon of the 1st of April, between 14:00 and 18:00, we will tour, in the company of the photographer and photography teacher Sérgio Rolando, three works of architecture that were incomplete in relation to the initial project:
- The Instituto da Água da Região Norte (IAREN), by architect Teresa Fonseca;
- The Cohaemato Housing Cooperative, by architects Jorge Gigante, Francisco Melo, Pedro Mendo and José Gigante;
- The Matosinhos waterfront, by architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

At each of these sites, a specialist will accompany the participants on an in-depth tour of the history and architecture of the work, touring spaces with restricted public access.
Departing from the Quarteirão da Real Vinícola/Casa da Arquitectura at 2pm, the tour will end at 6pm at the Matosinhos waterfront.

10 euros including transport

Sign up and bring your camera!
14h00 - Meeting point
Casa da Arquitectura: Introduction to the Exhibition [From the Archive] Matosinhos Not Built with the co-curator José Fonseca;
Guided visit to IAREN with architect Teresa Fonseca and Drª Maria Fátima Alpendurada, President of IAREN;
Guided visit to the Cohaemato Cooperative with Pedro Tavares, member of the cooperative
Matosinhos waterfront
18h00 - End of the visit

Recommended Photographic Requirements
Smartphone (from 2018) or digital camera that allows manual control of exposure, focus, sensitivity and colour temperature, preferably a DSLR, Bridge or Mirrorless type camera.

In partnership with Instituto Português de Fotografia and Espírito Santo-Autocarros de Gaia

Sérgio Rolando, 1978.
Lives in Oporto, where he works as a photographer and as a teacher in higher education.
He studied photography in IPF, graduated in Audiovisual Communication Technology and holds a Master in Photography and Documentary Film by ESMAE.
In his work, he is interested in subjects that refer to a representation and construction of Landscape, Architecture and Territory.
He was a scholarship holder of Pépinières Européennes pour jeunes artists (2003), Scottish Sculpture Workshop (2003), ESMAE (2011) and Instituto Camões (2015/2016).
He exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad, having several published work.
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