Workshops at School

The WORKSHOPS AT SCHOOLS project can be developed in two different models: through the teachers, who receive information and content and implement the activity, or through the presence of a member of the Casa da Arquitectura’s team in the classroom. Through a 100% virtual presence, or in person, the objective is that they carry out activities in a safe and stimulating way, keeping students active and contributing to their curiosity and experience.
Each school must participate with a minimum of two classes.

1- Through the Teachers in the classroom:
This modality provides a training period in which the teachers of the classes involved receive instructions, content and materials necessary for the development of the workshop. This moment will last approximately one hour and can take place at the school or at Casa da Arquitectura.
The guidance of the activity in class will be the responsibility of the Professor with the possibility of support from the Casa da Arquitectura ES team by video call.

2- Through the CA ES team in the classroom:
In this option, the educators from the CA ES go to the school and develop a workshop in a room that lasts about 2 hours. For this activity to take place, the teacher will receive in advance the list of materials needed for the activity (some will be provided by CA, other are of routine use in schools) in order to ensure that we have everything necessary in the classroom.

In both cases, we suggest that the final results obtained by the students be kept and exposed to the school community. The team from the CA ES is available to collaborate in the installation of the physical exhibition in a common area of the school, but also to help in the editing of a slideshow for the virtual sharing of results, in case the physical exhibition cannot take place.

This workshop is developed taking the school as an object of study. How do architects imagine school? Can we understand their plan? Using words, lines, numbers, drawings and colours, we are going to make a new school project capable of reinventing the entire space with a lot of imagination! Did we move walls, add rooms, tunnels, giant windows? Let's think about form/function, jump from 2D to 3D and look for the ideal school.

Recommended public: 1º/2º/ 3º cycles

Inspired by Buckminster Fuller, Yona Friedman and the Archigram group, we will build images capable of thinking about a new idea of architecture. How to think of a city for the future? Can architecture play an active role in defending and preserving the planet? In this workshop, we are going to ignore all the rules and imagine what does not exist, the impossible, the ideal, the dream. With photomontages and drawings, the challenge is to imagine a new world, defining what is, after all, fundamental.

Recommended public: 3º cycle and secondary school

Time schedule: Monday to Friday | 10 am to 6 pm
Duration: 1h30
Maximum: 30 students per group
Schools / sociocultural associations: 60 euros per class/group
Minimum 2 classes per school.

Booking at least 5 days in advance through the email or the form on the top of this page

This price includes teacher training or presence of a monitor in the classroom, specific work materials (the basic materials must be those of each student), activity support and support in the compilation/display of the final results. If the teacher receiving the training wishes to apply the workshop to more than one class, €20 per class must be added to the price.

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Expanded House

 The world is constantly changing and the demands it presents to us vary. If, on the one hand, we are all faced with the speed with which it can make us change routines, behaviours, habits, on the other hand, we have also come to understand the liberating potential that new technologies have brought. Through them, we overcome physical obstacles and reach opposite places in the world in moments, communicate globally, see, talk and share encounter experiences through screens and audio. The year 2020 reminded us of the importance of getting closer, of keeping in touch, and showed us how simple and rewarding it can be.
In a desire to overcome the physical barriers of Casa da Arquitectura towards everyone who wants to develop activities with us, the CA ES presents the Expanded House project. It organizes a set of proposals that seek to broaden CA's field of action, bringing a wide range of activities to everyone, everywhere and in different ways. This project adapts to the needs of each school/association/institution and proposes the development of visits and workshops either through online mediation, or in person in schools/institutions, or even by training educators/teachers and parents to guide the activities supported.

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